Return Policy

Return Policy / Cooling off Period

Before returning a return item at Partylook, please contact Schminkpaletti before returning. You can do this by clicking "Contact" below the order number of options.

Within 14 working days of receipt of the order, a return number must be requested, by clicking "Contact" below the order number of options. You will then receive a confirmation of this and further instructions regarding the return shipment by e-mail. The order must be returned as soon as possible after the return return has been granted. In case of exceedance, the order will no longer be processed! You must ALWAYS return the return shipping receipt. If you want a different size you can indicate that. Returns can NOT be settled!

CAUTION: Shipments without return number will not be processed!

After the return shipment has been received in good order, it will be evaluated and the order amount will be refunded to the customer's bank / giro account by agreement. This right does not apply if:

- the clothing has been worn and/or washed;
- all articles from the beauty line such as make-up (for reasons of hygiene);
- on tights (for reasons of hygiene);
- on wigs (for reasons of hygiene);
- on contact lenses (for reasons of hygiene);
- on balloons and inflatable articles (for reasons of hygiene);
- the buyer himself has attempted to repair a defect;
- missing of the original packaging/adhesion of the labels.
- the items are purchased during the clearance/promotions;
- it concerns articles that we have ordered especially for the customer;
- the relevant items were purchased during a sale/promotions.

The buyer is responsible for the return. Schminkpaletti assumes that the buyer returns the shipment in the same way and, where necessary, sends insured. Unpublished shipments and shipment shipments are never accepted by Partylook.

You must always return a note with your name, order no. And possibly. (If applicable) your bank no. Without this information we can not process your return shipment.

As soon as the return shipment is received in good order, we will take care of the refund of the purchase amount.

If the entire order is returned, Schminkpaletti will deduct the cost of shipping (up to 6.50 euro).

NOTE : The return does not apply if payment is not completed within 5 days of payment! You will not be able to return anymore.